limina gathering



Information on workshop locations and times, mealtimes, accessibility, childcare, and more will be provided in writing at the information tent at the gathering, set up throughout the weekend.

A registration form will be sent out to each participant that gathers accessibility needs. This is sent out by email after tuition payment is received.

Fragrances and Chemicals

Linnaea Farm is an organic project next to a major island watershed, and as such requires natural products only to be used on the land (personal soap, etc).

To accommodate folks with chemical sensitivities, we ask that participants at Limina Gathering refrain from using scented products during the gathering, including soap, fragrances, and essential oils. For mroe information on fragrance please visit .

Limina Gathering will be taking place outdoors, with one indoor space for a workshop. Scented products will not be used inside the indoor workshop space, though it is in close proximity to the kitchen which will have wafting smells.



Linnaea Farm has one main flat gravel road winding around the farm in a circle. From it can be accessed trails to the forests and different workshop sites for Limina Gathering. The road to the Farmhouse is flat and wide and ends with a cul-de-sac. Meals will be served at this cul-de-sac outdoors.

The skills camp area will be set up on Linnaea’s orchard grounds, which slope toward the beach. More information coming soon on how accessible this terrain is.

One workshop space and the venue washrooms are inside the Farmhouse, which has one step that has a ramp overtop. These spaces are on the main floor, with hallways wide enough for wheelchair wheels.

Workshops for the gathering will radiate around the farm and through the forests. Some of the trails at Linnaea Farm may not accessible for folks with limited diversabilities nor for using wheelchairs. The main gathering site for all-participants workshops is at Linnaea’s Harvest Festival grounds and is wheelchair accessible.


We welcome children and families and hope to make this gathering easygoing for everyone. Space in the Farmhouse is set aside for indoor quiet time for families. Childcare will not be formally provided by the gathering itself, but is an opportunity for participants to jump into. Participants may jump into childcare support roles in the registration form (sent out after paying tuition) or at the gathering information tent.

Please email with any questions or accessibility needs not covered here.

Thank you!