accountability processes 101

This class is for anyone who has had sexual assault come up within community*. There is a large potential to get triggered in this class. We will discuss what sexual assault is, as a group, and what to do when someone has been assaulted, as well as what not to do & some popular responses & their likely causes. We will present a few different frameworks for what to do when assault comes up in small community & how to hold survivor autonomy at the forefront of this work. This course is a precursor to deeper work. It is my goal to leave each attendee with some further questions to ask themselves & an understanding of how to center survivor autonomy & guidelines to help fine tune their communities’ individual processes.

*This class is for survivors and all community members doing this work, with direct experience. If you do not have direct experience with these things you are invited as a spectator though survivors and people going through it directly will be centered. No ‘devil’s advocates,’ please. I highly recommend attending Consent workshop parts 1 & 2 prior to this class, though AP101 is open to all. If you are a survivor I recommend bringing a solid buddy and/or having a self care plan (as well, support will be present at the gathering).

Quin Acacia Molyneux

limina gathering