amber naali aelfgifu

I’m a neurodivergent queer witch and healer, body/energyworker, nature mentor, visual artist and dancer, with a focus on trauma and neurodiversity. I am also a parent and have multiple disabilities. I live in Awaswas Ohlone territory known as Santa Cruz, Ca

As a neurodivergent person, I’m just beginning to unwrap the amazing gifts that I was always taught to fear and reject, and my life’s work is to support others in doing so. One of my areas of study is the art, skills and lifeways of the Ice Age, especially the lesser known scientific findings that are obscured because they challenge prevailing colonial narratives.

I study nature-based skills, especially wild foods and hide tanning, as spiritual and wellness-oriented practice,s taking my guidance from natural systems in my activism and healing work. I believe that the practice of ancient nature based ways is incredibly beneficial in trauma healing, somatically connecting us with our deep ancestral memories. I’m continuously learning and seeking ways to apply nature awareness and ancient skills toward healing from the traumatic effects of colonization, ableism and patriarchy.

skills camp

by amber naali aelfgifu


basketry Amber Naali Aelfgifu will be sharing basketry at the skills camp tent throughout the weekend. limina gathering skills camps

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