bird watching

bird language

Led by Sara Ross, this three-part skills camp offering is available to participants throughout the gathering.

1) Bird Language Basics
Learn to listen and understand the basics of what the birds are saying. Why? According to Jon Young, learning Bird Language is the fastest way into deep nature connection… because you are simultaneously connecting with place, and tuning your own senses to respond, know, and belong in any environment. Plus, being aware of what birds are communicating often leads you straight towards amazing nature moments. 5 Voices, baseline, patterns of alarm, deep sensory awareness, bird language mapping, and we will see what our group is ready for. No prior knowledge of birds needed.

2) Bird Language Walk
Join us for a walk to mostly listen but also to see birds, and to learn birds by sight and sound. Bring binoculars if you have them, but not required.

3) Dawn Chorus Bird Sit
In the beauty of spring we will meet local birds and a flush of migrants passing through on their way to nesting territories, what a time to be alive and awake in the natural world! We will awake early to experience the unbelievable dawn chorus from sit spots as the sun rises, and then share stories over breakfast. MEET at 6:35am

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