blanket exercise workshop

blanket exercise

facilitator: raven hiebert

This experiential storytelling invites participants to witness the history of the land now known as Canada from an Indigenous perspective. The story is followed by a sharing circle, a meeting of hearts and minds to help hold each other in response to the impacts of colonization.

Trigger warning:
This session will touch on various aspects of Indigenous peoples’ experience of colonization such as residential schools, disease outbreaks in communities, relocation, enfranchisement and loss of status, the 60s scoop and Indigenous children in foster care today, missing and murdered Indigenous women and girls. If you have lived experience of these policies as a survivor or intergenerational survivor and do not want to delve into those memories, there are various levels of participation possible, please feel free to approach us before the workshop to discuss. An Elder will also be present for support during and after.

limina gathering