Brandy McCallum

Brandy McCallum

Proud of her Kootenay roots being raised in Nelson. Brandy’s ancestry reigns from the prairies from Northern Saskatchewan (woodlands/plains Cree) Métis and southern Píkani (Blackfeet) from Montana. She acknowledges and honours each side of her ancestry through culture, tradition, dance and arts. Her heart’s desire is to help awaken, teach and share with those seeking to further their skills and understanding. She helps to create space for those who wish to better their skills and know the truths and history behind the work they create, helping better connect themselves to their ancestry and others. She has utilized her ongoing teachings of traditional medicines, harvesting and dance in her beadwork, art and regalia making. “Everyone should have the skills in life to accomplish what they desire!.. never stop learning!” She is excited to help further projects, answer questions and learn together to further the knowledge and use of traditional craft through beadwork, leather work and the use of other traditional and non traditional mediums.


by Brandy McCallum
hide tanning workshop

Hide Tanning

Hide tanning will be happening at skills camp, led by Brandy McCallum. Stop in or stay for a while putting…

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limina gathering