Dyana Valentine

dyana valentine

I’m Dyana, and I’m an oracle. I started doing Woke Up Knowing™ experiences in 2011 when I had a waking vision of being in a bed in an ancient castle with people sitting around my bed waiting to hear a dream I had. Years later, I have dreamt in several countries, in languages I didn’t speak, for seekers, artists, scientists, and humanitarians.

I practice an unsupervised oracular tradition that has no formal training. Currently, I have few peers. I believe these things are changing as more of us step out of the quiet and into the light.

This is my service. This is my art. This is Woke Up Knowing™.

I use she/her/hers pronouns and work on colonized land of the Kizh and Gabrieliño people.


by Dyana Valentine
Oracle Talk

Oracle Talk

I’m honored to share my dream work around the Limina gathering. I will be gathering questions and working with folks…

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limina gathering