limina gathering


Cooking facilities for personal breakfasts and snacks are available at the island accommodations provided, and lunch and dinner are included in the gathering.

Meals will be provided by our friends at Fireweed Feasts, a Vancouver-based catering company.

Ambrose Williams established Fireweed Feasts to address food security issues in the city of Vancouver and to explore the social connections at the heart of culinary culture.

“Food and culture are intertwined within the Gitxsan Nation. Our feast halls are our traditional forum where business and political decisions are legitimized into our Ayook (law). By feasting the community and ask the people to bear witness, so that we can be held accountable to our words. This oral tradition has been passed down for millennia and has been recognized as legitimate by the supreme court of Canada. I was born into the Fireweed (Gisgaast clan). Fireweed Feasts represents my commitment to the community and our ongoing efforts to addressing food insecurity.”