limina gathering



are thresholds

A liminal space is a threshold between worlds. A place of dissolution.

The liminal space is the centre of rites of passage. This dissolution is the threshold between participants’ previous way of structuring themselves, and a new way waiting on the other side.

Entry into a liminal space leaves behind familiar forms. Within it is potentiality.

limina gathering philosophy

The fragmentation that occurs during trauma is not met on the other side by a re-joining. We are not welcomed back into our bodies by waiting hands. We must find our own ways to reconnect and piece ourselves back together. That is where ancestral skills step in.

Ancestral skills connect us first to ourselves, an embodied presence that is rare to reach. They also connect us to our ancestors in direct ways. We go through the same motions, same somatic patterns, that our ancestors did utilizing these skills. That connection is deeply healing, personally culturally, and politically. It has the power to decolonize how we relate to ourselves and each other.