quin acacia molyneux


Quin is a homesteading, magic making, non-binary fat femme with chronic pain. She is a white settler living on unceded territory surrounded by the incredible Salish Sea.

She is passionate about communal support systems, communication, gardening, food preservation & fermentation, consent, indigenous land & water rights, plants in all the ways, trauma healing, kink, dismantling dominance within skills/labour sharing & her sweet, silly dog-child, Gnarlene.

Living within various communities over the past 18 years she has been involved with a multitude of accountability processes. She has found her work in the world through counselling, consent education & trauma mediation & is currently pursuing a counselling degree. Quin has studied with Rain Crowe both in a personal mentorship perspective & is currently undertaking her TACT & The Burning Times Never Ended courses. She has studied astrology under the guidance of Chani Nicholas for 3 years and is ever-hungry for the kinds of tools that help dismantle systems of trauma & oppression to bring people together.