sabrina bonfonti


As a queer, settler-Canadian woman with Irish & Italian roots, Sab walks with the question of How to live in a good way as a settler born onto stolen land? A facilitator and process designer, she engages with projects that aim to connect people both critically & collaboratively around issues of social-ecological justice and collective healing / co-liberation. As a survivor of abuse, and a recovering self-injurer, Sab is especially inspired by change-making based on presencing, sacred re-connection, and listening. After traveling and working for many years from coast to coast to subarctic, Sab recently returned home to Vancouver Island, where she lives on unceded T’Sou-ke Nation (Coast Salish) territory. Sab is a national facilitator trainer for the KAIROS Blanket Exercise (KBE) and took a lead in developing the KBE Edu-Kit.