serena oliveira

Serena is a doula, advocate and educator for the full spectrum of choice and womb care. Her ancestors come from many places in the world, her dad was born in India and her mother from Northern Ontario where she grew up. Serena teaches at an outdoor preschool, and shares her skills and knowledge in the community of the Comox Valley, on traditional Pentlach and K’omoks territories.

While raising her wild-willed kids, she loves to travel, connect, and to share. She has been attending births as a doula since 2007. She is the founder of Birthing Freedom, a rad collective of local care providers and educators who support and cheer folks on in their broad range of reproductive choice and outcomes. While applying massage and reflexology she has also been busy weaving into her practice a community based approach to mental health care, called Holistic Peer Counselling. Her passion is in nurturing rad healing and sovereignty from within, as a part of the process of reclaiming and knowing ourselves.


by Serena Oliveira
Rad Birth

Rad Birth

Rad – late 14th century – is a medieval philosophical concept, from Late Latin radicalis, “of or having roots.” We…

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