limina gathering

2018 skills camp

Throughout the weekend, there will be a skills camp tent ongoing outside of scheduled workshops.  Dropping in and out of skills camp is welcomed, as is sharing a skill or craft.

Some workshops happening at the skills camp include hide tanning, basketry, knife-throwing, cordage making, and traditional Indigenous tattooing.

The skills camp tent will be set up near the Farmhouse venue, in the orchards above the beach at Gunflint Lake.


Amber Naali Aelfgifu will be sharing basketry at the skills camp tent throughout the weekend.



Cordage making is the process of reining natural fibers to make rope. Natural rope is a worldwide ancient skill necessary for fishing, hunting, trapping, and many crafts. Nicola Hodges and Larkin Schmiedl will be sharing plant fibers from the Pacific Northwest and participants are welcome to jump in and share their own.


hide tanning

A demo hide tanning station will be set up at the skills camp tent throughout the weekend to show different methods and approaches to hide tanning.  Participants can drop in to help work on a hide and learn about history, cultural relevance, and tactics for natural hide tanning. Meg Cur


no-spin knife throw

Join Quin on some no-spin knife throw recesses throughout the weekend, where we will practice quarter-spin, direct-throw, and spear-throw knife handling.


traditional indigenous tattooing

Audie will be hosting a workshop on the art, culture, history, and healing power of traditional Indigenous tattooing.  This scheduled workshop will happen Saturday morning and Audie will set up shop for the rest of the weekend at the skills camp tent, demonstrating tattooing techniques.