so sinopoulos-lloyd


Sophia (“So”) Sinopoulos-Lloyd is a queer Greek-American who grew up in the northern hardwood forests of central Vermont. So’s initiation to the transformative power of the natural world came when they went on a summer backpacking intensive at age 16, and later continued when they worked as a seasonal shepherd and cheese-making assistant throughout college and sheep began to teach them new things about belonging, awareness, and community. Inspired by the resilience and hardiness of these beings, So went on to do immersive studies in ancestral earth-based skills and natural science, and also completed an MA that focused on relationships between religion and ecology in the Eastern Mediterranean. Much of So’s work is animated by a study of how personhood and a sense of belonging are interwoven with geography and can be further informed by intimate knowledge of place through naturalist study. Along with their spouse Pinar, So develops and runs LGBTQ+ nature-based programming for Women’s Wilderness in Colorado. Pinar and So’s organization, Queer Nature, is devoted to creating empowering and accessible spaces where LGBTQ+, non-binary, and two-spirit people can learn various ancestral earth-based skills. Some things that So is most passionate about teaching and learning are survival skills, wildlife tracking, and wilderness emergency medicine. So still hopes to one day be as cool and skilled as sheep are.