wildcrafting skin care workshop

wildcrafting skin care

facilitator: victoria buffalo robevictoria buffalo robe

The ‘value statement’ is one word in the Cree language: Minahyawin (Mi/Na/H/Ya/w/I/n). Translated it means, “to walk in beauty”. However, to truly walk in beauty is more than how you look but how you treat others. The Cree meaning speaks of how we are living, it is all about our relationships. As we journey we start to understand that this beautiful earth has been given to us in trust and we are in a relationship. How we treat our mother, our mother earth, is a deep reflection of how we feel about yourselves. Grace, reverence, respect, trust and kindness are just the beginning… Sustainable beauty is attainable, in ourselves and our the world, and I serve those that truly believe this.

In this workshop, you’ll learn about the value of wild flowers and why wild is best! Find out how these are the best anti-aging products around and how to mix them into your daily skin care routines. You will discover how amazingly easy it is to identify unnecessary chemicals in skin care.

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