hide tanning workshop

Hide Tanning

Hide tanning will be happening at skills camp, led by Brandy McCallum. Stop in or stay for a while putting your hand to work on a shared gathering hide, or bring your own hide tanning projects to work on with shared support and instruction.

aboriginal medicines and beadwork workshop

aboriginal medicines and beadwork

Brandy McCallum, raised in Nelson BC, of Métis and southern Píkani (Blackfeet) ancestry, will offer teachings on Aboriginal beadwork, interweaving history and medicines at skills camp. Depending on experience levels and desires, participants can bead on different mediums and learns how to use bead applications to varied projects.

erin carr

sit spot and bird language

This workshop will give people a chance to immerse themselves in nature, tuning into their environment and observing its beautiful details. A brief introduction to bird language will help them use our winged allies to deepen their understanding of what is happening around them.

fire by friction workshop

fire by friction

Erin Carr will have natural supplies available to make kits from scratch and take participants through the process of creating fire by friction. For those who want to practice their skills, there will be extra kits on hand, and we’ll be getting out into the woods to learn about and gather tinder.

connecting to our plant allies workshop

connecting to our plant allies

The plant world gives with abundance and we must make sure that we are mindful and practice consent when we take. This workshop will briefly talk about the ethics of plant gathering and then we will practice using our senses to communicate with the plants we hope will support us.

cordage making workshop


Cordage making is the process of reining natural fibers to make rope. Natural rope is a worldwide ancient skill necessary for fishing, hunting, trapping, and many crafts, including basketry.
Facilitators at Limina will have a variety of plant and animal fibers on hand to teach and practice cordage making.

plant walk workshop

plant walk

Join Larkin for a walk through the late summer landscape focusing on the plants around us. We’ll discuss ways to identify them, how to harvest ethically and sustainably, and some of the ways we can use our plant friends for medicine, food and other amazing things. We’ll focus our hearts on building reciprocal relationships with the plant world, with an awareness we are walking on the unceded territory of Ktunaxa people.

ritual as justice workshop

ritual as justice

Cultural somatics holds that relational violence has a sacred origin – that more-than-human begins, such as ancestors and spirits are involved. In this facilitated experiential dialogue, we will be exploring the crucial role of ritual in co-creating restorative justice processes.

cultural somatic ancestral healing workshop

cultural somatic ancestral healing

This introductory workshop outlines how ancestral traumas, bound up with oppressions such as racism and misogyny, are embodied in individual and collective bodies that emerge from networks of relationships. We will also be exploring simple trauma-based and embodied techniques for developing right relationship with ancestors and other unseen beings.